Ileosigmoid Knot: A Case Report


  • Shahid Nazir
  • Ambreen Munir
  • Sahrish Sulman
  • Qazi Muhammad Waleed
  • Aisha Yar Muhammad


Ileosigmoid knot, intestinal obstruction, surgical emergency, pseudo knot.


Ileosigmoid knot (ISK) is a very infrequent and unusual reason of intestinal obstruction and treated as a
surgical emergency. In this disorder ileum usually encircled around base of sigmoid colon and make a
pseudo knot. ISK is very infrequent disorder in Western countries as compared to Asian countries. Its
diagnosis is very difficult because it’s a rare disease with limited sensitive and specific diagnostic tests
available, hence it’s only found intraoperative; that results in high mortality.
In this case study, a 20-year male adult was presented with ISK. In this case study a 20-year male adult,
admitted in surgical department on December 2018, with a severe abdominal pain, and constipation from
last three days, three episodes of bilious vomiting, and high-grade fever from last 24 hours. Past
medical and surgical history of patient was non-significant. X-ray showed a marked dilation in small
bowel loops. During surgery, massive volvulus involving descending colon and sigmoid colon was
observed, along with ileum was twisting around the volvulus, affected segments were resected and
patients was managed appropriately and discharged.




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