A Full Mouth Rehabilitation of a Patient with Calcific Metamorphosis


  • Zaid Al Jeaidi
  • Shahid Mahmood


Calcific metamorphosis, porcelain laminate veneers, dental implants.


Calcific metamorphosis (CM) is a condition which can be observed after trauma to teeth, due to
deposition of hard tissues within the root canal space. It results in complete obliteration of the root
canal space and yellow discoloration of the teeth. There is a difference of opinion on the management of
CM, from no intervention to immediate intervention. This case report describes the diagnosis and
management of a patient with CM. In addition to CM, the patient suffered from generalized plaque
induced gingivitis, multiple carious lesions, necrosis of teeth, external root resorption and some
missing teeth. The patient was a 34-year-old, male, Saudi patient, who was provided with oral
prophylaxis, simple restorations, endodontic treatments, an on lay and a ceramic crown, restoration of
the anterior dentition with porcelain laminate veneers, and finally the dental implants to replace missing
teeth. Thus, this report describes not only the diagnosis and management of CM, but also how to design
and implement a comprehensive treatment plan for the welfare of a patient.




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