Stem Cells and Nanosilver Saved Diabetic Foot


  • Ahmad Mansour Hamad
  • Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti


Stem cells, Nanosilver, Treatment, diabetic foot.


We showed a case of 65 years-old Iraqi male who suffered from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus for 13 years. He developed an ulcer in his left big toe for five days in March 2021. The clinical assessment proved an infected stage 3 diabetic ulcer. We discussed the patient's condition with the patient/family, and they agreed and then consented. The therapy continued for one month and incorporated four sessions of surgical debridement, application of stem cells, and nanosilver. The patient/family noticed marked wound healing documented by the camera. Stem cells and Nanosilver therapy saved diabetic foot, and we advise it.


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