Right versus left colon cancer- Are they distinct entities?


  • Fayaz Hussain Mangi
  • Jawaid Naeem Qureshi




Colon cancer, survival, right versus left


Colon cancer is among the most commonly occurring cancers globally and is linked with a poor prognosis. The incidence and prevalence of cancer is expected to rise more in the upcoming years. Right-sided colon cancer reportedly related with poorer survival as compared to the left-sided cancer. This study was conducted to compare both-sided cancers in the Pakistani population. A retrospective analysis of the case files was conducted, including 119 colon cancer patients (i.e. Right colon cancer=41, left colon cancer=78). Left-sided colon cancer showed a lower grade and less rate of metastases. The results showed no significant influence of sidedness on survival outcome, though there was a non-significance difference in favor of right colon cancer.  Further studies are required to explore biological differences in cancers arising from both sides of colon.

LMRJ Vol 4 issue 1- 06